If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat – Washington State

I don’t know how many of you have been following the ongoing saga of the gubernatorial race recount in Washington state, but it makes for fascinating insights into what lengths the Democratic party will go to win an election… after it’s over.

I couldn’t possibly summarize all the developments that have taken place there. I’ve been checking articles from the Seattle papers on an almost daily basis. The latest article reports that the state Democratic party is prematurely declaring victory.

After several counts, Republican candidate Dino Rossi has been in the lead every time, though Democrats in King County keep magically finding new votes to trim the lead smaller and smaller. Now that they may have manufactured a scenario giving their candidate – Christine Gregoire – an 8-vote victory, I’m sure they’ll be content at that point that no one has been disenfranchised.

For absolutely sterling analysis of unfolding events in Washington state, for a serious breakdown of statistical data and some substantial voter registration research, check out Sound Politics. It’s the latest example of a team of bloggers absolutely schooling the MSM.

And, to my interested amazement, I’ve learned that I went to college with the daughter and son-in-law of one of the contributors. In fact, just last week we sent a Christmas letter to Chris and Heidi and little Madeline. Before they were parents, married, or even dating each other, I was good friends with Chris and Heidi and worked together with them on the campus newspaper. What a small world this wonderful blogosphere is!

A merry Christmas to all!


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    Great post Ben. Aha!!! another wonderful source of information. Thanks for letting us on to sound politics.

  2. Kevin Bowden says

    I think my first comment got eaten. Anyway, it’s good to see your site up and running. I came here from the STrib’s list, from HughHewitt before that, and Lileks a few weeks ago before that.
    Small world. Say hi to Marya for me!

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    I put something in the URI so there could be a post. What does URI even mean?
    Anyway, good to see your blog. Tell Marya hi. (This is the third try so I’m condensing things.)

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    Ah, I think I have it figured out.
    Hi. Tell Marya hi. This is the fourth post I’ve tried. That URI thing really threw me.

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