A New Location

Welcome to the new, more permanent and more stable home of Mount Virtus, member of the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs. Whether this is a first or return visit to my Internet musings, please feel free to take a look around.

Most of the last nine months of blogging have been dedicated to topics political, with smatterings of the biblical, cultural and historical. While politics and policy will stay on the radar for the foreseeable future, I hope this new location sets the groundwork for a richer variety of discussions and analyses. Perhaps more on my own life, too, but not so much as to inflict boredom on my faithful few readers.

For now, I’m still adding links to the sidebar. And my archives are on their way over from the old site. But frankly, I couldn’t wait anymore. So without further ado, consider the new Mount Virtus unveiled!

Many thanks to my friend Kevin Pierpont not only for the Web hosting but for all the tips and troubleshooting over the past couple weeks. Without him, the site would not be a reality.


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