Are Democrats Getting It?

As the year 2004 winds down, it's fair to continue asking the question: what did the opposition party learn from its national electoral defeat? Those hopeful that the Democrats are willing to listen, stand up, and take "Red State" America seriously have at least three "wise men" on their side to cheer their hopes, the Washington Times editorializes today. Most notable is former Congressman Tim Roemer of Indiana, a possible candidate for the Democratic National Committee chairmanship. According to the Times, Roemer "had a strong pro-life voting record in the House" and has garnered support both from Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid AND House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Interesting. How this sort of thing would go over with the … [Read more...]

Blog Flog Deluxe

High Chamberlain Hugh Hewitt continues to lead the campaign against the crumbling old media citadel with this powerful broadside in the Weekly Standard. His Theory of Asymmetrical Tolerance attempts to explain "how the old media went left into a deep ditch of agenda journalism, forfeiting the trust of a large portion of their audience and, in the process, opening the door to Rush Limbaugh, the second generation of radio talkers, Fox News, and, of course, the blogs." Hugh has been at the forefront of promoting the power of blogs to completely obliterate the old media's monopolized grasp on controlling the flow of information. On his radio show of late, he has been continually touting figures showing the blogosphere's ranks surpassing 5 … [Read more...]

Linking to the Origins Debate

Though it is not always the case, the debate between Darwinian evolutionary biologists and advocates of Intelligent Design can be very rich and insightful. Rand Simberg and John Mark Reynolds have started an exchange. We can only hope the dialogue continues. Reynolds has a lot of thoughtful and eloquent things to say - here's just a snippet to whet the appetite: I once was a theistic evolutionist. My faith did not demand I abandon Darwin, but my best reason did. Plato had more to do with changing my mind than Genesis. Still, if Genesis had motivated me, I see no reason to apologize for it. It is a book of great genius (see the previous post) and persons who dismiss it lightly are likely merely engaging in chronological snobbery, … [Read more...]

Not Just Horn-Tooting

Can't think of a reason to read about the Independence Institute's public service message to Colorado teachers? Maybe if you know the author... I wrote about the same topic for the Colorado Springs Gazette (sadly, no link available). Are you a public school teacher? Is a loved one, family member or friend? Point them to II's teacher resource page. … [Read more...]

MSM Echoes Center-Right Blogger Sentiments

Three cheers to New Hampshire's Manchester Union-Leader for today's editorial titled "Suing for Jesus: Christians Fight Back to Defend Christmas." The conclusion of the essay is right on, showing that common sense has not completely escaped America's newsrooms: Rather than accept their exile, [Christians] are demanding the rights they have as taxpayers and citizens, ironically using the same methods the secular left used to remove them from public view in the first place. Defending the rights of a minority being ill-treated by the government would be a natural step for the ACLU if it were still the American Civil Liberties Union and not the Anti-Christian Libertines Union. But it is conspicuously absent in this fight. Christians … [Read more...]

If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat – Washington State

I don't know how many of you have been following the ongoing saga of the gubernatorial race recount in Washington state, but it makes for fascinating insights into what lengths the Democratic party will go to win an election... after it's over. I couldn't possibly summarize all the developments that have taken place there. I've been checking articles from the Seattle papers on an almost daily basis. The latest article reports that the state Democratic party is prematurely declaring victory. After several counts, Republican candidate Dino Rossi has been in the lead every time, though Democrats in King County keep magically finding new votes to trim the lead smaller and smaller. Now that they may have manufactured a scenario giving … [Read more...]

Ssshhh… Don’t say the “C”-word

Included in the 6 things not to talk about at family holiday gatherings? Religion. Sigh.... In a similar spirit, let me recommend to you a new politically correct greeting for the season - one likely not to offend pagans, secularists, Jews, Muslims, or any other oppressed minority, and without the vanilla sound of "Happy Holidays" - Happy Solramakwanukmas! But then there's more ridiculousness with the Quote of the Day: "I'm just sick and tired of the Christian people thinking they can co-opt all of Christmas." - Robert Tiernan, a Denver lawyer representing the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation … [Read more...]

Teachers’ Union Triumphs and Trauma

"Where's the conservative leadership?" That's what many Colorado Republicans will be crying out for as 2005 rolls around - maybe even before they've finished digesting the turkey sandwiches and fruitcake. Yesterday Gov. Bill Owens announced his compromise plan to fix the state's ongoing fiscal crisis. It includes a small tax cut and the state selling its share of the tobacco-settlement plan, not to mention a $500 million "de-Brucing" (allowing the state to keep revenues mandated by TABOR to be refunded to Colorado taxpayers). But here's the kicker: Conspicuously absent from Owens' proposal were changes to Amendment 23, which requires annual spending increases in K-12 education. For the past year, Owens had insisted that any … [Read more...]